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Weekend School Project Details:

Project Started:- January 2012

Project Lead:-  Nachiket Sadhu & Kishen Suchak

Students:- 47+

Yuva Volunteers:- 30+

Number of families impacted:- 40+

Project Mentors :-

Vice President, Positive Rishikumar

City Director, Hardik Chavda
Women’s Team Head, Suman Singh
Chief Coordinator, Dhaval Rawal

Its an achievement to feel the positve vibes by knowing how our time is being spent as a team to bring a positive change in our surroundings. In April'12, our 659 team hours positively impacted more than 1500 people and we succeeded to bring smile on their faces with our actions.

Teaching slum kids  = 225 Hours
Motivating Young ChangeMakers = 25 Hours
Random Act of Kindness to spread Smile & Peace = 135 Hours
Save Environment Campaign this Summer to Save Birds = 120 Hours
Exploring the nature and Yoga, Meditation for own fitness = 154 Hours

Latest News

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on Yuva Unstoppable's 5th Anniversary

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